Swiss VAT on E-Services

Imagine sailing through the crystal clear waters of a Swiss lake, with the breathtaking Alpine skyline in the background.

Now, think of your e-service business in the same context, trying to navigate the complex waters of Swiss VAT. You’re dealing with digital downloads, streaming services, gaming, cloud services, and more, and each carries its own set of VAT implications.

If you’re based outside of Switzerland, the rules might be even more complex for you. The VAT registration threshold, the inclusion of worldwide revenue in this threshold, the potential need for a fiscal representative—it’s a lot to take in.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand each facet of this complex tax landscape and to give you the tools you need to smoothly sail through. Ready to embark on this intriguing journey?

Key Takeaways

  • Swiss VAT applies to various types of e-services, including apps, broadcast television or radio, mobile phone services, music downloads or streaming, and film downloads or streaming.
  • Swiss VAT registration thresholds are based on worldwide revenue, and foreign businesses may need a fiscal representative to navigate the complex rules.
  • The VAT rate for e-services in Switzerland is 7.7%, which is lower compared to some other countries and should be considered in pricing and profitability strategies.
  • Compliance requirements for Swiss VAT on e-services include registering for VAT in Switzerland, appointing a local representative, understanding reverse charge rules for B2B services, and regularly updating registration details to avoid penalties.


As we navigate the Swiss VAT on E-Services, it’s crucial to understand key details and compliance advice.

You’ll need to be familiar with elements such as the types of e-services liable to Swiss VAT, the registration thresholds, and compliance requirements.

This understanding won’t only ensure your operations are within Swiss regulations, but will also allow you to identify opportunities and challenges within the system.

Swiss VAT Key Details

When it comes to the key details of Swiss VAT, it’s important to note that e-services such as apps, broadcast television or radio, mobile phone services, music, film, and game downloads or streaming, as well as online gambling, are all subject to taxation.

  1. Swiss VAT payers providing electronic services to clients must register for Swiss VAT.
  2. VAT on electronic services are taxed at 7.7%.
  3. Services provided directly via the internet or network are liable to Swiss VAT.

Understanding these dynamics will help you navigate Switzerland’s VAT landscape.

Swiss VAT Compliance Advice

Navigating the complexities of Swiss VAT compliance, particularly for e-services, requires a keen understanding of the specific regulations and thresholds in place.

As a foreign provider of electronic services, you must register for VAT in Switzerland.

Our compliance advice includes appointing a local representative, understanding reverse charge rules for B2B digital services, and regularly updating your registration details.

Stay compliant and avoid pitfalls with proper understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There VAT on Digital Services?

Yes, there’s VAT on digital services. As a provider, you’re required to charge VAT on e-services like music, film downloads, or online gaming, if your annual revenue exceeds CHF 100,000, under Swiss law.

What Services Are Exempt From VAT in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, you’ll find VAT exemptions on services like healthcare, education, postal and financial services, cultural activities, and those offered by public organizations such as charities and religious groups.

What Is VAT in Switzerland for Services?

In Switzerland, VAT for services is typically 7.7%. However, it varies for certain services. It’s important that you verify the exact rate for your specific service to ensure accurate taxation calculations.

What Is VAT Charges in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, VAT charges depend on the service or product. Generally, the standard VAT rate is 7.7%. However, some goods and services, like food or books, have a reduced rate of 2.5%.


Understanding Swiss VAT on e-services can be complex, but it’s crucial for your business’s success. Keep in mind the CHF 100,000 registration threshold and the potential changes to include worldwide income.

Remember that you may need a local fiscal representative or a bank guarantee.

Navigating this landscape can be challenging, but with the right guidance, you can ensure your business is compliant and thriving in the Swiss e-service market.

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Barry Caldwell

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