Spanish VAT Rates and VAT Compliance

Let’s imagine you’ve just started exporting your products to Spain. You’re excited about this new market, but suddenly you’re faced with the complexities of Spanish VAT rates and compliance.

In Spain, the standard VAT rate is currently 21%, but there are reduced rates of 10% and 4% that apply to certain goods and services. It’s essential to know which rates apply to your products to avoid penalties and stay compliant.

However, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. For instance, food products are generally taxed at a reduced rate of 4%, yet when it comes to beverages, the rate jumps to the standard 21%.

You’re left wondering, ‘How do I navigate these nuances?’ or ‘What happens if I get it wrong?’

Stick around to find out how to correctly apply these rates and keep your business on the right side of Spanish tax law.

Key Takeaways

  • The standard VAT rate in Spain must be above 15% according to EU rules.
  • Providers of taxable services in Spain must use the applicable VAT rates when selling goods.
  • Invoices in Spain must include specific disclosure details outlined in the Spanish VAT Law, and electronic invoices require proper signature, authenticity, and agreement by the recipient.
  • Non-EU businesses selling in Spain are required to appoint a fiscal representative who will ensure accurate VAT submissions and compliance with Spanish VAT regulations.


As we move into the ‘Overview’ of Spanish VAT Rates and Compliance, it’s important to note that Spain’s VAT rates are set at a standard level above 15%, as required by EU rules.

Your understanding of these rates, along with proper invoice disclosure, is critical for compliance.

If you’re a non-EU business operating in Spain, you’ll need to appoint a fiscal representative to ensure accurate VAT submissions.

Key Aspects Overview

Understanding the key aspects of Spanish VAT regulations is crucial, as it involves various intricacies ranging from a standard VAT rate of 21% to adherence to specific compliance regulations.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Spanish VAT rates and compliance regulations are complex, but needful for businesses operating in Spain.
  • VAT due is determined by the ‘tax point’—the moment of supply.
  • Non-EU businesses selling in Spain must appoint a fiscal representative for VAT registration and returns.

Guidance on VAT Compliance

Navigating through the complex world of Spanish VAT compliance requires a detailed understanding of the rates set by the government, obligatory disclosure details on invoices, and the specific requirements for electronic invoices. Here’s a brief overview.

Spanish VAT rateSet by the Spanish government, must be above 15%
VAT complianceInvolves proper invoice disclosure and understanding when VAT is due
VAT registrationsRequires a VAT number, which needs to be reported every reporting period

Effortless VAT Calculation in Spain

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the VAT Law in Spain?

The VAT law in Spain sets VAT rates, with the standard one above 15% as per EU rules. It requires proper invoice disclosure and compliance, and dictates when VAT’s due. Understanding it is crucial for business.

Is There a VAT Threshold in Spain?

No, there’s no VAT threshold in Spain for non-resident traders. Regardless of your turnover, if you’re a foreign company trading in Spain, you’re required to register for VAT. Accurate VAT submissions are essential.

What Is VAT Regulations?

VAT regulations are rules governing how Value Added Tax is applied, collected, and reported. They dictate VAT rates, define taxable goods or services, and stipulate compliance requirements. Understanding these is crucial for your business operations.

Do I Charge VAT for Customer in Spain?

Yes, you’ll charge VAT for customers in Spain. The rate depends on the goods or services provided, typically at 21%, 10%, or 4%. Ensure you’re compliant with Spanish VAT regulations to avoid potential penalties.


Understanding and navigating Spanish VAT rates and compliance requirements is key to operate your business successfully in Spain. Stay informed about the latest changes in VAT regulations to ensure your business remains compliant.

Appointing a fiscal representative can help if you’re based outside the EU.

Avalara’s resources can provide further support in your Spanish VAT compliance journey.

Remember, staying updated and diligent in applying correct VAT rates isn’t just a legal obligation, but also crucial for your business prosperity.

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