Slovakian VAT Registration

The complexities surrounding Slovakian VAT registration are often daunting but are essential for any business entity operating within Slovakia, including foreign companies. The process requires a comprehensive understanding of both the registration procedure and the inherent obligations, such as the provision of specific documentation and regular VAT returns.

It is imperative to note that Slovakia has a nil VAT registration threshold for foreign businesses trading within its borders. However, for EU VAT registered companies selling goods online to Slovak consumers, a specific threshold of €35,000 per annum is in place.

It is thus worthwhile to explore the intricacies of the Slovakian VAT system, its unique requirements, and potential strategies for navigating this often complex landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Foreign businesses trading in Slovakia with VAT registration in their home state have no VAT registration threshold.
  • EU VAT registered companies selling goods online to consumers in Slovakia have a VAT registration threshold of €35,000 per annum.
  • Required information for Slovakian VAT registration includes completion of appropriate forms, submission of required documentation, VAT certificate (if applicable), translated extract from the company’s national trade register, and passport of the company representative.
  • Once a business obtains a VAT number, it can start trading and charging Slovakian VAT, but must also comply with Slovakian VAT rules and file regular VAT returns.


It is imperative to comprehend the essentials of Slovakian VAT registration and the guidelines for VAT compliance in Slovakia.

This includes understanding the thresholds for VAT registration, the information required for obtaining the VAT number, the format of the VAT number, and steps to follow post-registration.

Furthermore, knowing how to ensure compliance with Slovakian VAT rules is a key aspect of this process.

Slovakian VAT Registration Essentials

Understanding the essentials of Slovakian VAT registration is crucial for businesses, particularly foreign entities, planning to trade within Slovakia’s borders. Key aspects include:

  • Recognizing the VAT registration threshold.
  • Comprehending the application form for obtaining a Slovak VAT number.
  • Familiarizing oneself with VAT legislation and tax authorities.
  • Understanding the obligations of a taxable person after registration.

These components ensure successful trading in Slovakia.

VAT Compliance Guidelines

Building upon the essentials of Slovakian VAT registration, we now examine the critical guidelines for VAT compliance in Slovakia.

Following VAT registration, businesses, including those selling goods in the EU, are required to comply with Slovak tax laws. This includes obtaining a unique 10-digit Slovak VAT number prefixed by ‘SK’. Regular VAT returns and adherence to the VAT registration threshold of €35,000 for EU-based businesses are also mandatory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register for VAT in Slovakia?

To register for VAT in Slovakia, complete the necessary forms, provide required documents including VAT certificate, and submit them to the tax authorities in Bratislava. Once registered, compliance with Slovakian VAT rules is mandatory.

What Is the VAT Format in Slovakia?

The VAT format in Slovakia comprises of the country code ‘SK’ followed by a unique 10-digit number. This unique identifier is allocated to businesses upon successful VAT registration with the Slovakian tax authorities.

What Is the VAT in Slovakia?

The Value-Added Tax (VAT) in Slovakia is a consumption tax applied to goods and services. The standard rate is 20%, with reduced rates of 10% for specific items. Compliance with Slovakian VAT rules is mandatory for businesses.

What Is the VAT Rate in Slovakia 2023?

The standard Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in Slovakia for the year 2023 is 20%. However, certain goods and services, including selected foods and medical devices, are subject to a reduced VAT rate of 10%.


In conclusion, understanding the specifics of Slovakian VAT registration is crucial for businesses operating in Slovakia, including foreign entities. Complying with the unique registration process and maintaining regular VAT returns are mandatory.

Given the complexities involved, it is recommended for businesses to familiarize themselves with Slovakian VAT legislation. Turning to services like Avalara can also aid in ensuring smooth VAT compliance, tailored to each business’s unique trading circumstances.

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