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The intricacies of international trade can be a challenging landscape to navigate, especially when it comes to the regulatory requirements of Romanian Intrastat reporting. For businesses engaged in the movement of goods across the Romanian border within the European Union, understanding the details of these requirements is not just a matter of compliance, but can also be a strategic tool for ensuring operational efficiency.

In this context, we will explore the key aspects of Romanian Intrastat, from the specifics of reporting obligations to the potential impact of non-compliance. Whether you’re an established entity in the international trade sector, or a newcomer seeking to gain a foothold, this discussion offers an insightful look into the fundamentals of Intrastat in Romania.

Key Takeaways

  • Romanian Intrastat reporting is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade as it facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and ensures operational efficiency.
  • The reporting thresholds for arrivals and dispatches are RON500,000 and RON900,000 respectively, and detailed reports are required for higher value transactions.
  • The National Institute of Statistics manages Romanian Intrastat reporting, and compliance is triggered by exceeding specific values related to Romanian VAT.
  • Non-compliance with Intrastat reporting can result in financial penalties, negative impact on operational efficiency, damage to business reputation, increased scrutiny from regulatory authorities, and even legal consequences.


Romanian Intrastat is an essential reporting process for goods crossing the national border to and from other EU countries. It encompasses several key aspects. This includes specific reporting requirements, defined thresholds, detailed filing data, and strict deadlines.

A thorough understanding of these elements is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid potential penalties.

Intrastat Reporting Key Aspects

In the realm of international trade within the European Union, Intrastat reporting plays a critical role, especially for large shippers like Romania, where specific reporting requirements and thresholds dictate the compliance obligations for goods crossing the national borders.

  • Intrastat Reporting: Romanian Intrastat reports are submitted monthly when the threshold is exceeded.
  • Thresholds: Romanian Intrastat thresholds are RON500,000 for arrivals and RON900,000 for dispatches.
  • Submissions: Detailed reports are required for arrivals exceeding RON10m and dispatches exceeding RON20m.

Essential Intrastat Reporting Guidelines

Building upon the key aspects of Intrastat reporting in Romania, it is crucial to comprehend the essential guidelines that govern this process, particularly the requirements, thresholds, and potential penalties associated with non-compliance.

Intrastat Reporting GuidelinesRomanian ContextImplication
RequirementsGoods between EU member statesManaged by National Institute of Statistics
ThresholdsRomanian VAT complianceTriggered on exceeding specific values
PenaltiesLate submission in month followingMandated by European Union, rights reserved

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Penalties for Late Filings of Romanian Intrastat?

Late filing of required reports can result in penalties. In the context of Romania, the infractions are considered minor, however, consistent late submissions might lead to increased scrutiny and potentially larger penalties.

What Are the Specific Steps Involved in Filing Romanian Intrastat?

The specific steps involved in filing include collating data on goods movement, categorizing according to trade classification and transport type, and submitting the detailed report within 15 days of month-end, either by email or online.

Can Someone From Outside Romania File the Romanian Intrastat on Behalf of a Romanian Company?

Yes, an external individual or entity can file Romanian Intrastat on behalf of a Romanian company, provided they have the necessary authority and access to the relevant cross-border goods movement data required for accurate reporting.

Are There Exceptions to the Romanian Intrastat Reporting Thresholds for Specific Industries or Types of Goods?

There are no specific exceptions to reporting thresholds for particular industries or types of goods. All businesses must adhere to the established thresholds regardless of the nature of their products or industry sector.

What Happens if a Company Accidentally Exceeds the Romanian Intrastat Reporting Thresholds Without Realizing It?

If a company inadvertently surpasses the reporting thresholds, it is still obligated to comply with Romanian statistical reporting requirements. Non-compliance could potentially result in penalties, even if the threshold breach was unintentional.


In conclusion, meticulous understanding and adherence to Romanian Intrastat reporting and VAT legislation is pivotal for businesses engaged in cross-border goods movement within the EU. The complexity of these processes, which demand detailed monthly reports, necessitates professional assistance.

Services like Avalara provide bespoke solutions, catering to individual business requirements, ensuring efficient navigation through these intricate procedures and aiding in complete legislative compliance. This helps to mitigate the risk of penalties associated with late filings or non-compliance.

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