Polish VAT Registration

Navigating the intricacies of the Polish Value Added Tax (VAT) registration process is an essential task for businesses intending to operate in Poland.

This discussion aims to dissect and clarify the various elements of the process, from understanding the registration thresholds, both for domestic and foreign enterprises, to the necessity of appointing a Polish fiscal representative.

By elucidating the requirements and steps for obtaining a Polish VAT number, the discussion will provide valuable insights for businesses to ensure their operations align with the Polish tax regulations.

This understanding is indispensable for businesses to not only maintain their legal standing but also optimize their financial strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • The VAT registration threshold for foreign businesses trading in Poland is nil if they are VAT/GST/Tax registered in their home state.
  • EU VAT registered companies selling goods over the internet to consumers in Poland have a VAT registration threshold of PLN 160,000 per annum.
  • A local Polish fiscal representative or agent is not required for companies resident in another EU member state, but it is required for non-EU companies.
  • The required documentation for Polish VAT registration includes forms NIP-2 and VAT-R, VAT certificate, articles of association, extract from the company’s national trade register, agreement letter from the Polish bank, statement regarding the company’s establishment status in Poland for VAT purposes, description of activities in Poland, power of attorney (if using a fiscal representative), and agreement with the organization providing VAT compliance services.


In the context of Polish VAT registration, it is crucial to comprehend the key aspects and understand the essential guidelines. These include:

  • Understanding the registration thresholds
  • The requirement of a Polish fiscal representative
  • The specific documentation needed for VAT number and registration

Furthermore, understanding the submission process for VAT registrations and the format of a Polish VAT number is also vital.

Key VAT Registration Aspects

Understanding the key aspects of VAT registration in Poland is instrumental for foreign entrepreneurs engaging in taxable activities within the country. The process involves:

  1. Submitting a VAT-R registration application.
  2. Becoming a registered VAT payer to deduct input VAT from output VAT.
  3. Comprehending the Polish VAT rate and regulations to conduct business effectively, and simplifying intra-community transactions within the European Union.

Essential Registration Guidelines

To ensure compliance with Polish taxation laws, foreign entrepreneurs engaging in taxable activities within the country must adhere to several essential registration guidelines for VAT. These include:

  • Completion of VAT-R form
  • Obtaining a Polish tax identification number
  • Filing with the tax office

For VAT purposes in Poland, even EU VAT-registered businesses must follow these steps to become a VAT payer in Poland.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a VAT Number in Poland?

To obtain a VAT number in Poland, you must submit a VAT-R form and supporting documents to the Second Tax District in Warsaw. Once processed, a unique Polish VAT number will be assigned to your company.

Who Needs to Pay VAT in Poland?

Foreign entrepreneurs conducting taxable activities in Poland are required to pay VAT. This includes overseas businesses making local sales, intra-community acquisitions of goods, and intra-community supplies from Poland to other EU countries.

What Is the VAT Registration Threshold in Poland?

The VAT registration threshold in Poland is 200,000 PLN for annual sales for businesses established in Poland. For intra-community acquisitions, the threshold is 50,000 PLN. Foreign entrepreneurs engaging in taxable activities must also register for VAT.

What Is VAT for Poland?

VAT (Value Added Tax) in Poland is a general, broadly based consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods or services. The standard rate is 23%, with reduced rates of 8% and 5% for specific goods and services.


In conclusion, understanding the Polish VAT registration process is fundamental for businesses operating in Poland. By adhering to the registration thresholds, appointing a fiscal representative when required, and submitting the correct documentation, companies can ensure regulatory compliance.

This knowledge not only facilitates smoother business operations but also aids in fostering a positive commercial relationship with the Polish authorities, thereby contributing to overall business success.

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