Norwegian VAT on E-Services

In the rapidly evolving digital economy, understanding international tax regulations, particularly Value-Added Tax (VAT), is essential for any business engaged in e-commerce.

In the context of Norway, the imposition of VAT on electronic services has its own unique characteristics and complexities. Streamlining operations in Norway demands a thorough understanding of these regulations, including aspects like the simplified VAT registration process, quarterly reporting obligations, the absence of input VAT deduction, and the process of reclaiming it through a recovery claim.

This discussion will shed light on these critical aspects while also providing updates on the latest changes in Norwegian VAT law, such as the distinction between Union and non-Union One Stop Shop (OSS) schemes, thus equipping businesses with the necessary knowledge to successfully navigate the Norwegian digital market landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • E-services in Norway are subject to VAT.
  • Non-resident operators must go through a registration process to comply with VAT regulations.
  • The VAT registration threshold in Norway is reached when the total value of deliveries exceeds NOK 50,000.
  • The Simplified VAT Scheme (VOEC) simplifies VAT registration and payment for e-services, focusing on compliance and protecting Norwegian consumers.


The subtopic of ‘Overview’ in our discussion on ‘Norwegian VAT on E-Services’ will encompass key aspects of the subject matter and provide guidance on compliance with these tax regulations.

We will shed light on the specifics of e-services that are subject to VAT, the registration process for non-resident operators, and the VAT registration threshold in Norway.

Additionally, we will touch upon the available resources for those in need of assistance with VAT compliance in the Norwegian e-services sector.

Key Aspects Overview

In a bid to streamline the process, Norwegian tax authorities have implemented a simplified VAT scheme, specifically designed for non-established suppliers who offer services that can be delivered remotely to private individuals and non-business customers in Norway.

This simplified registration scheme, known as VOEC, has three main attributes:

  1. It simplifies VAT registration and payment for e-services.
  2. It is applicable once the total value of deliveries exceeds NOK 50,000.
  3. It is focused on ensuring VAT compliance and protecting Norwegian consumers.

Guidance on VAT Compliance

Navigating VAT compliance for e-services in Norway requires a keen understanding of the regulations, particularly for non-established suppliers whose total value of deliveries to Norwegian recipients exceeds NOK 50,000 annually. The Norwegian Tax authorities have outlined a simplified VAT scheme (VOEC) for registration of remotely deliverable services.

VOECSimplified VAT scheme
Register for VATNOK 50,000 threshold reached
Ordinary VAT25%
ReportingQuarterly through Altinn portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Charge VAT on Services to Norway?

Yes, VAT is typically charged on services provided to Norway. The standard rate is 25%, and is applicable to various e-services including streaming, downloads, software, and apps. Non-resident providers can register for a simplified VAT scheme.

Is There VAT on Digital Services?

Yes, VAT is typically applied to digital services. These can include streaming services, software, e-books, and other electronically supplied services. The specific tax rate and regulations may vary by country and specific type of service.

What Is Exempt From VAT in Norway?

In Norway, certain services are exempt from VAT. These include education, financial services, and health services delivered remotely. Additionally, exports of services to recipients abroad are zero-rated for VAT.

Do I Need to Pay VAT in Norway?

Whether you need to pay VAT in Norway depends on the nature of your transactions. If your annual revenue from certain services exceeds NOK 50,000, you are required to register for VAT and pay accordingly.


In conclusion, understanding and complying with the Norwegian VAT regulations on electronic services is essential for businesses operating in this domain.

The simplified registration process and reporting requirements, along with the possibility of reclaiming input VAT, make it accessible for non-resident operators.

Staying informed about the latest changes, such as the distinction between Union and non-Union OSS schemes, ensures alignment with legal requirements and aids in the sustainable operation of businesses in the digital service sector in Norway.

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