EU VAT Regulations Impact Erasmus University Rotterdam’s International Students

"EFS Leads the Way in EU VAT Education with Exclusive English-Language Post-Master Programme"

EFS, the European Fiscal Studies Institute, stands as the sole institution offering a post-master program in EU VAT in the English language. This unique and interactive program aims to keep participants fully informed about the latest developments in EU VAT while providing opportunities for international networking. The program is divided into two modules, with Module 1 scheduled to take place from Monday 4 March to Friday 8 March, 2024, and Module 2 from Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June, 2024.

The program focuses on providing in-depth education with an international business focus, bridging the gap between theory and practice. Through interactive on-campus sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of EU VAT principles, as well as receive specialized training on strategic and business issues related to VAT. The program covers a wide range of topics, all approached from the perspective of the EU VAT Directive.

During the first module, general principles and topics will be discussed, laying the foundation for the more strategic and business-oriented discussions that will take place in the second module. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to analyze and discuss cases from the EU Court of Justice, which will provide valuable insights into the application of general principles in real-world scenarios.

To successfully complete the post-master program, participants will be required to write and defend a paper, showcasing their understanding and application of the knowledge gained throughout the program. The program boasts a faculty of renowned professors and prestigious guest speakers, ensuring high educational standards and providing participants with access to the expertise and experience of leaders in the field.

Upon completion of the program, participants will be equipped to pursue a variety of career paths. Opportunities may arise in multinational companies, international VAT consultancy firms, legal practices, academia, the judiciary, or with tax and customs authorities. The program offers a comprehensive education that prepares participants for the diverse challenges and opportunities that await them in the field of EU VAT.

In conclusion, the post-master program in EU VAT offered by EFS provides a unique and interactive learning experience for participants. By focusing on the latest developments in EU VAT and offering opportunities for international networking, the program ensures that participants are up-to-date with all elements of EU VAT. The program’s in-depth education, international business focus, and bridge between theory and practice make it a valuable investment for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of EU VAT and pursue a successful career in the field.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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