Unlocking Global E-invoicing Triumph: Practical In-House Strategies Unveiled at Fonoa Webinar (Nov 22)

"Tax Teams Seek Expertise Amidst Global E-Invoicing Regulations"

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Are you affected by the many existing and upcoming e-invoicing rules in countries around the world? You’re not alone. Many in-house tax teams are well informed on the tax technical requirements of the various rules globally. And if not, many webinars exist that dive into the tax technical or IT technical aspects of e-invoicing for specific countries. However, there is not much practical guidance for in-house teams on how to successfully manage global e-invoicing and what to consider.

In this webinar, we focus on the practical aspects of dealing with e-invoicing regulations worldwide from an in-house tax perspective. We’ll explore practical considerations, strategies, and ideas for approaching global e-invoicing in an effective way. Topics include the crucial role of tax master data management, considerations on building or buying solutions and effective procurement and RFP strategies. We’ll provide tools during the webinar and as a follow-up to make your upcoming e-invoicing implementations more efficient. Get ready to navigate the world of e-invoicing with confidence!

Introduction and E-Invoicing Landscape
Tax Master Data Management
Build vs Buy: Tailoring Solutions
Procurement and RFP Strategy
Tools | TIN Validation Demo: Instant and Bulk Validation, Filling Gaps, Maintenance, etc.

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Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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