Navigating VAT Reporting: Changes for Reorganizing Businesses and Their Successors

"Ukraine's Tax Code Mandates Proportional Tax Calculation for Reorganized Taxpayers and their Successors"

The Tax Code of Ukraine has specific provisions regarding the calculation of tax for reorganized taxpayers and their successors. According to these provisions, the tax amount paid by a reorganized taxpayer is used to determine the tax amount of their successor in proportion to the property received.

To facilitate this process, the electronic administration procedure for value-added tax requires the reorganized taxpayer to inform the controlling authority of the tax amount they have paid. This information is crucial for accurately calculating the tax amount of the successor.

The Ministry of Finance has approved a specific form that needs to be filled out to request a refund of budget compensation or to include the reorganized taxpayer’s registration amount in the successor’s calculation. This form includes the tax amount of the reorganized taxpayer, taking into account the distributed property according to the balance sheet. Similarly, it also includes the tax amount of the successor, considering the property received according to the balance sheet.

When filling out the tax report, it is important to ensure that the values in the tables are consistent. The registration amount indicated in the form should align with the reorganized taxpayer’s limit, taking into account any tax notifications and decisions that have been issued.

Moreover, it is crucial for the date and number of the verification act to match the information provided by the reorganized taxpayer. This helps maintain accuracy and transparency in the tax administration process.

It is advisable for taxpayers to refer to the official source,, for further guidance and information on these procedures. The tax authorities’ website can provide valuable resources and updates to ensure compliance with the tax regulations.

It is important to note that while AI technology has assisted in writing this article, it is always recommended to review the original source material and seek advice from local specialists when necessary. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information provided.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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