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Unlocking The Potential Of E-Invoicing Compliance: Join Our Informative Q&A Webinar - My Vat Calculator

Unlocking the Potential of E-Invoicing Compliance: Join our Informative Q&A Webinar

"Unified Post Webinar Unveils Insights on Electronic Invoicing Adoption and ViDA Directives"

Q&A after a webinar of Unified Post
Some of the questions raised during the recent webinar hosted by Unified Post have shed light on the expected growth in the adoption of electronic invoicing among businesses. The participants were particularly interested in understanding the respective country’s stance on e-invoicing in relation to VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA). Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the ViDA directives for service providers like Unified Post, and whether there were any comprehensive concerns that could be shared. Furthermore, participants inquired about the existence of a list of PDPs (approved e-invoicing suppliers) in France, and the validity of Polish invoices being any XML file as long as they are EN16931 compliant.

During the webinar, experts from Unified Post provided valuable insights and responses to these pressing questions. The anticipated growth in the adoption of electronic invoicing among businesses is expected to be significant. With the increasing digitalization of various business processes, including invoicing, the convenience and efficiency offered by e-invoicing are becoming more apparent. As businesses strive to streamline their operations and reduce costs, the adoption of electronic invoicing is seen as a logical step forward.

In terms of the respective country’s take on e-invoicing in relation to VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA), the experts highlighted that each country has its own approach and regulations. However, the overarching goal is to ensure compliance with VAT requirements while embracing digitalization. The ViDA directives are designed to provide a framework for electronic invoicing that is in line with VAT regulations. While there may be concerns regarding the implementation of these directives, service providers like Unified Post are working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance and address any potential issues.

The question regarding the existence of a list of PDPs (approved e-invoicing suppliers) in France was also addressed during the webinar. The experts confirmed that there is indeed a list of approved e-invoicing suppliers in France. This list, maintained by the regulatory authorities, serves as a reference for businesses looking to engage with reliable and compliant service providers in the country.

Regarding Polish invoices, the experts clarified that while they need to be EN16931 compliant, they can take the form of any XML file. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their invoicing processes to their specific needs, as long as they adhere to the required standards.

Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights into the expected growth of electronic invoicing, the stance of different countries on e-invoicing in relation to VAT in the Digital Age, concerns and compliance with ViDA directives, the existence of a list of approved e-invoicing suppliers in France, and the flexibility of Polish invoices. Unified Post, as a leading service provider in this field, continues to play a crucial role in supporting businesses in their transition to electronic invoicing and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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