Revised headline: “Updated Implementation Schedule Announced for TicketBai in Bizkaia

"The Treasury of Bizkaia Extends Deadline for TicketBai Reporting Implementation"

The Treasury of Bizkaia, located in the Basque Country of Spain, has recently announced a change in the deadlines for implementing the obligation to report through TicketBai in the region. Originally, all taxpayers were expected to have already implemented this reporting requirement by January 1, 2024. However, the Foral Treasury of Bizkaia has decided to take a more gradual approach to implementation.

Starting from January 1, 2024, only large companies will be required to comply with the TicketBai regulation. This means that small and medium-sized companies, micro-enterprises, self-employed individuals, small cooperatives, and non-profit entities will have a longer timeline to incorporate this reporting system. Windows for their implementation will be opened every six months, allowing them to gradually adapt to the new requirements.

The decision to implement the TicketBai reporting system in a progressive manner is aimed at easing the burden on smaller businesses and organizations. By providing additional time for compliance, the Treasury of Bizkaia hopes to ensure a smoother transition for these entities. It is important to note that this real-time reporting CTC model is expected to be fully implemented and operational by January 1, 2026, including non-profit entities.

Real-time reporting systems, such as TicketBai, have gained popularity in recent years as governments seek to enhance tax compliance and combat tax evasion. By requiring businesses to report their transactions in real-time, tax authorities can closely monitor economic activity and detect any irregularities or discrepancies. This allows for more efficient tax collection and reduces the likelihood of fraudulent activities.

TicketBai, specifically designed for the Basque Country, is an electronic invoicing and reporting system that aims to simplify and streamline the reporting process for businesses. It provides a centralized platform for taxpayers to submit their invoices and other relevant financial information to the tax authorities. This digitalization of reporting not only improves efficiency but also reduces the administrative burden on businesses.

The decision to implement the TicketBai reporting system in a phased manner reflects the Treasury of Bizkaia’s commitment to supporting businesses during this transition. By allowing smaller entities more time to adapt, they can adjust their internal processes and systems to ensure compliance with the new requirements. This approach recognizes the diverse nature of businesses in the region and acknowledges that smaller entities may require additional support and resources to implement the reporting system effectively.

It is important for businesses and organizations in the Basque Country to stay informed about the upcoming changes in reporting requirements. By keeping up to date with the latest developments, they can ensure a smooth and timely transition to the TicketBai system. The Treasury of Bizkaia is expected to provide further guidance and support to businesses throughout the implementation process.

In conclusion, the Treasury of Bizkaia has decided to change the deadlines for implementing the obligation to report through TicketBai in the region. The phased approach allows for a smoother transition, with large companies being the first to comply starting from January 1, 2024. Smaller businesses and organizations will have additional time to incorporate the reporting system, with windows for implementation opening every six months. By January 1, 2026, the progressive implementation of the real-time reporting CTC model is expected to be completed. This decision reflects the Treasury’s commitment to supporting businesses during this transition and ensuring a more efficient and effective tax reporting system in the Basque Country.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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