VAT Verdict: Unleashing the Truth about Dog Grooming Services and the 23% VAT Rate

"New Dog Grooming Service Launches in Ireland, Offering Complete Care for Canine Companions"

Title: New Dog Grooming Service Provides Comprehensive Care for Canine Companions

In a bid to cater to the growing demand for professional dog grooming services, a new establishment has recently emerged on the Irish pet care scene. Offering a complete range of grooming services, this innovative venture aims to provide top-notch care and pampering for our beloved four-legged friends. While not a medical facility, this establishment is dedicated to ensuring the well-being and aesthetic appeal of our canine companions.

Subject of the application: service – dog grooming
Service Description: The subject of the application is a complete dog grooming service.
Decision: PKWiU 2015 – 96.09
Value Added Tax rate: 23%

Dog owners across the nation have long recognized the importance of regular grooming to maintain their pets’ health and happiness. This new dog grooming service aims to meet this demand by offering a comprehensive range of services that go beyond mere aesthetics. From nail trimming and ear cleaning to fur styling and bathing, this establishment is committed to providing a comfortable and stress-free experience for both dogs and their owners.

One of the key features that sets this dog grooming service apart from others is its emphasis on personalized care. Each dog is treated as an individual, with the groomers taking into consideration their specific needs, breed characteristics, and any particular sensitivities. This attention to detail ensures that every dog receives the care and attention they deserve, resulting in a grooming experience that is tailored to their unique requirements.

The premises where this service is provided may not be a medical facility, but the staff are trained professionals who possess a deep understanding of canine anatomy and behavior. They are well-equipped to handle various breeds and temperaments, ensuring that the grooming process is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Additionally, the establishment adheres to strict hygiene protocols to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for both dogs and staff.

With a growing awareness of the importance of pet hygiene, many dog owners are turning to professional grooming services to ensure their pets are well-maintained. Regular grooming not only keeps dogs looking their best, but it also plays a vital role in their overall health and well-being. Proper grooming helps prevent matting, skin irritations, and other common issues, ensuring that dogs remain comfortable and happy.

The dog grooming service in question operates under transparent pricing policies, with a clear breakdown of costs for each service offered. This ensures that pet owners can make informed decisions and choose the services that best suit their dogs’ needs and their own budget. Furthermore, the establishment operates with integrity and professionalism, ensuring that customers receive excellent value for their money.

Dog owners who have availed themselves of this new grooming service have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of care provided. Many have praised the groomers’ gentle approach and their ability to make dogs feel at ease during the grooming process. The establishment’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback received, as well as in the growing number of loyal customers who continue to entrust their pets to their care.

In conclusion, the emergence of this new dog grooming service brings a fresh approach to pet care in Ireland. With its comprehensive range of services, personalized care, and commitment to professionalism, this establishment is poised to become a go-to destination for dog owners seeking top-quality grooming services. By prioritizing the well-being and happiness of our canine companions, this establishment is making a significant contribution to the overall welfare of dogs in our community.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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