Upcoming Webinar by Edicom/PwC: Mastering Electronic Invoicing in Europe – Ensuring Compliance and Enhancing Efficiency

"Digital Transformation Accelerates as Countries Mandate B2B Electronic Invoicing"

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The digital and digital ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and one significant change is the transition from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing. This shift is now becoming an essential standard in many countries worldwide. In recent months, several nations have announced their intention to impose B2B electronic invoicing on all businesses, with some already publishing the legal and technical framework that would apply to their subjects.

In collaboration with PwC, a leading professional services firm, a webinar has been organized to explore the upcoming legislation and help businesses prepare for the electronic invoicing deadlines of 2024/2025. This informative session, hosted by Edicom, will provide valuable insights to ensure that companies are well-equipped to meet the requirements of electronic invoicing.

The move towards electronic invoicing is a significant step in streamlining business processes and reducing paperwork. It offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, cost savings, and improved accuracy. By transitioning from paper to electronic invoicing, businesses can enhance their financial operations and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

During the webinar, experts from PwC will discuss the upcoming legislation in detail, providing businesses with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and obligations they will need to fulfill. This knowledge will be crucial for companies to adapt their invoicing systems and processes effectively.

The webinar will also address the technical aspects of electronic invoicing, including the necessary infrastructure and systems required to implement and manage electronic invoices. Participants will gain valuable insights into the best practices and technologies available to ensure a seamless transition to electronic invoicing.

Furthermore, the webinar will explore the potential challenges and risks associated with electronic invoicing, such as data security and compliance issues. By understanding these challenges, businesses can proactively address them and implement robust measures to safeguard their invoicing processes.

The collaboration between Edicom and PwC highlights the importance of staying informed and prepared for the upcoming changes in the invoicing landscape. By leveraging the expertise of both organizations, businesses can ensure a smooth transition to electronic invoicing and stay compliant with the evolving regulations.

In conclusion, the transition from paper invoicing to electronic invoicing is an inevitable change that businesses need to embrace. The upcoming legislation and deadlines require companies to prepare and adapt their invoicing systems accordingly. By participating in the webinar organized by Edicom and PwC, businesses can gain valuable insights and knowledge to navigate this transition successfully. Register now to secure your spot and be well-prepared for the electronic invoicing deadlines of 2024/2025.

Barry Caldwell

Barry Caldwell

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