Maltese VAT Registration

The complexity of Value Added Tax (VAT) registration in Malta presents a significant topic of discussion for businesses, both resident and foreign, intending to navigate the Maltese commercial landscape.

The process demands a thorough understanding of several elements, including registration thresholds, the Maltese VAT number format, necessary information for VAT registration, and subsequent obligations post-registration.

Furthermore, the unique VAT requirements for non-resident companies supplying taxable goods or services in Malta, and for EU VAT registered businesses conducting e-commerce with Maltese consumers, necessitate careful consideration.

As we explore these intricacies, we seek not only to demystify the process but also to highlight the importance of adherence to Maltese VAT legislation for seamless, lawful business operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Non-resident companies providing taxable supplies in Malta have no VAT registration threshold and should include Maltese VAT on their first invoice.
  • EU VAT registered companies selling goods via the internet to consumers in Malta have a VAT registration threshold of €35,000 per annum.
  • The format of a Maltese VAT number depends on the category of registration, and registration usually takes three to four weeks.
  • Non-resident businesses applying for a Maltese VAT number need to submit required documentation such as Articles of Association, certificate of registration at the Companies Register, and identification of the director signing the application.


In the realm of Maltese VAT registration, there are two pivotal aspects to consider: the key nuances of the registration process and the strategies for ensuring optimal VAT compliance.

The registration process, determined by the factors such as the nature of the business and type of transaction, culminates in the allocation of a unique Maltese VAT number.

Concurrently, VAT compliance strategies are essential for businesses to navigate the complexities of VAT legislation and adhere to the stipulated requirements.

Key Aspects of VAT Registration

Understanding the key aspects of VAT registration in Malta is crucial for businesses, particularly non-resident companies providing taxable supplies. Key aspects include:

  1. No VAT registration threshold, first invoice must include Maltese VAT.
  2. Registration takes three to four weeks, unique VAT number allocated post-registration.
  3. Non-resident businesses can register via post or online application on the VAT Department website.
  4. Post-registration, businesses must comply with Maltese VAT rules and file regular returns.

VAT Compliance Strategies

After establishing the key aspects of Maltese VAT registration, it is essential to strategize for compliance with the Maltese VAT regulations.

VAT compliance strategies encompass obtaining a VAT identification number, conducting taxable activities in accordance with EU VAT rules, and timely filing of VAT Returns. Deviating from these strategies could lead to penalties.

Thus, it is crucial to register under Article 12 for certain taxable transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs to Register for VAT in Malta?

In Malta, VAT registration is mandatory for non-resident companies providing taxable supplies, EU VAT registered companies selling goods online to Maltese consumers with yearly turnover exceeding €35,000, and businesses receiving services from entities outside Malta.

How Long Does It Take to Get a VAT Number in Malta?

The process to obtain a VAT number in Malta typically takes three to four weeks. This duration may vary depending on the completeness and accuracy of the provided information during the registration process.

Is Malta VAT Free?

No, Malta is not VAT free. Businesses providing taxable supplies in Malta are usually required to register for VAT. EU VAT registered companies selling goods online to Maltese consumers have a €35,000 per annum threshold.

How Much Is the VAT in Malta?

The standard Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in Malta is 18%. However, it’s important to note that certain goods and services may be subject to reduced rates or exempt from VAT altogether.


In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of Maltese VAT registration is a fundamental requirement for businesses operating in Malta. This includes the understanding of VAT registration thresholds, knowledge of the Maltese VAT number format, and the steps following VAT registration.

It is also crucial for non-resident companies to adhere to the VAT rules and regulations. Continuous research or professional help is recommended to maintain compliance with the Maltese VAT legislation, ensuring smooth and compliant trading activities in Malta.

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