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The Intrastat system, a critical element of the European Union’s free trade infrastructure, has serious implications for companies in Latvia engaged in the movement of goods across EU borders. This system mandates monthly reporting from both resident and non-resident companies on the dispatch and arrival of goods, though it notably excludes goods originating from or destined to locations outside the EU.

The thresholds for Intrastat reporting are set at €180,000 for arrivals and €100,000 for dispatches, with more comprehensive returns required for higher values. Each report must detail the nature, value, delivery terms, quantity, weight, and an 8-digit commodity code for every good moved. Compliance with Latvian laws necessitates the prompt submission of these reports, typically within ten days of the end of the month.

Given the complexity and critical nature of these requirements, companies may find it beneficial to explore the available assistance tailored to their specific trading activities and locations.

Key Takeaways

  • Latvian Intrastat reporting is required for both resident and non-resident companies that move goods across the Latvian national border to or from other EU countries.
  • Intrastat filings include information on goods sent out of Latvia (dispatches) and goods brought into Latvia (arrivals).
  • Reporting thresholds must be exceeded before Intrastat returns need to be completed, with different thresholds for arrivals and dispatches.
  • Accurate and timely Intrastat filings are necessary for compliance with Latvian regulations and ensure accurate reporting of goods movements within the EU.


Intrastat reporting in Latvia necessitates a precise understanding of the procedural intricacies involved in the movement of goods across the national border within the EU.

This overview will elucidate key aspects including reporting requirements, thresholds, filing information, deadlines, and potential penalties.

Additionally, guidance will be provided on how to navigate these complex processes, ensuring compliance with Latvia’s VAT legislation.

Intrastat Reporting Key Details

The key details of Latvian Intrastat reporting encompass a broad spectrum of elements. These elements range from company details and trading items included in the header to more complex data provided in Intrastat formats A and B.

Intrastat Declaration must be submitted by the 16th of the month following intracommunity arrivals or dispatches. This reporting requirement covers trade within the European Union. Detailed company and trade information is required for accurate reporting.

Intrastat formats A and B vary in complexity. Accurate reporting aids in maintaining compliance.

Essential Intrastat Reporting Advice

Building on the key details of Latvian Intrastat reporting, we now turn our attention to providing essential advice for accurate and timely compliance with these requirements.

  • Maintain an Intrastat journal on a monthly basis, ensuring entries are submitted to the Central Statistical Bureau by the tenth day of the month.
  • Include transport method details and reserve rights over your email address for correspondence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Intrastat Threshold in Latvia?

The Intrastat threshold in Latvia is €280,000 for intra-EU purchases and €150,000 for intra-EU supply. More detailed reports are required for arrivals exceeding €5 million and dispatches exceeding €7 million.

What Is Intrastat Eu?

Intrastat is a system used by European Union member states to collect statistics on the trade of goods between countries within the EU. It provides detailed data on trade flows, supporting economic policy-making and market analysis.

What Is VAT in Latvia?

Value Added Tax (VAT) in Latvia, known as ‘Pievienotās vērtības nodoklis’ (PVN), is a consumption tax applied to value added at each production stage. The standard rate is 21%, with reduced rates for certain goods/services.

What Is the Threshold for Intrastat?

The Intrastat threshold refers to the minimum value of goods that must be moved across national borders within the EU before reporting requirements apply. These thresholds vary by country and by whether goods are being dispatched or received.


In conclusion, the Intrastat system plays a pivotal role in the Latvian and broader EU trade market. Comprehending and complying with its requirements, including reporting thresholds, detailed returns, and prompt submission, is key for resident and non-resident companies engaging in goods movement.

Notably, the system excludes goods from non-EU countries. Tailored assistance is available, aiding companies to navigate this complex regulatory landscape, ensuring a seamless trade process and adherence to Latvia’s trade regulations.

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