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Latvia Control Statement

As we navigate the intricate landscape of taxation, the Latvia Control Statement emerges as a significant tool for businesses aiming to maintain VAT compliance within the Baltic nation of Latvia.

This monthly submission, which encapsulates detailed transactions between VAT-registered entities, is more than a simple regulatory requirement; it serves as an important cog in the wheel of Latvia’s VAT system, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The nuances of this statement, from the specifics of what transactions must be included to the thresholds for reporting, invite us to probe further into its intricacies and implications for businesses operating within Latvia’s jurisdiction.

Key Takeaways

  • Taxpayers in Latvia must submit domestic listings for their monthly VAT return.
  • Small taxpayers with sales below €40,000 per year only need to submit quarterly reporting.
  • Control statements provide detailed transactional information on sales and purchases between VAT registered businesses.
  • The Latvian control statement is completed using form ‘Attachment 2, PVN 1’ and must include details such as counter-party name, VAT number, price, and VAT calculation for each reporting transaction.


In the context of the Latvia Control Statement, an overview of Latvian VAT compliance is crucial. The essentials of compliance span domestic and cross-border transactions, with specific reporting requirements for each.

Adherence to VAT compliance guidelines, including timely filing and understanding of legislation, is integral to avoid penalties and ensure accurate transaction reporting.

Latvian VAT Compliance Essentials

Understanding the essentials of Latvian VAT compliance is crucial for businesses registered in Latvia, as they are required to report intra-community supplies and file Latvian EC Sales Lists (ESL) for cross-border transactions.

Meeting the filing deadlines for Latvian ESL reports is paramount.

Navigating the complexity of VAT compliance needs expert guidance.

Avalara offers comprehensive solutions to address the complexities of VAT compliance.

VAT Compliance Guidelines

Having established the essentials of Latvian VAT compliance, it is now pertinent to broaden the perspective and examine a comprehensive overview of VAT compliance guidelines.

Crucial to this includes understanding the intricate nuances of intra-community supplies, recapitulative statements, and potential penalties for late filings.

Leveraging solutions like Avalara’s tailored offerings can simplify the process, aiding businesses in successfully navigating the complexities of Latvia’s VAT legislation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Penalties Can Be Imposed for Late Submission or Non-Compliance With the Latvian Control Statement Requirements?

Penalties for late submission or non-compliance with regulatory requirements can include fines, interest charges, and potential legal action. The severity of the penalty usually correlates with the degree of the violation’s impact.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Requirement for Small Taxpayers With Sales Below €40,000 per Year to Submit Quarterly Reporting?

No, there are no exceptions to the requirement for small taxpayers with sales below €40,000 per year in Latvia. They are obligated to submit quarterly reporting, providing detailed transactional information on sales and purchases.

How Can a Business Verify if a Counter-Party Is Vat-Registered in Latvia?

A business can verify if a counter-party is VAT-registered in Latvia by checking the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) online. This EU database provides VAT registration details of businesses across its member states.

What Is the Process for Correcting Errors or Omissions in a Previously Submitted Latvian Control Statement?

To correct errors or omissions in a previously submitted document, an amended statement should be filed. The revised report must clearly identify and rectify the inaccuracies, ensuring compliance with the prevailing tax regulations.

Can Transactions in Foreign Currencies Be Included in the Latvian Control Statement, and if So, What Exchange Rates Should Be Used?

Yes, transactions in foreign currencies can be included in the Latvian Control Statement. The Latvian Central Bank’s exchange rate on the day of the transaction should be used for conversion to the local currency.


In conclusion, the Latvia Control Statement is an essential part of VAT compliance for businesses operating in Latvia. It demands meticulous record-keeping and regular submission of transaction details with local VAT-registered businesses.

Despite the complexity of the Latvian VAT legislation, businesses can navigate it effectively with professional help. Service providers like Avalara offer comprehensive solutions to ensure that businesses meet their VAT obligations, thereby fostering a compliant and successful business environment.

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