Icelandic VAT on Digital Services

The application of Icelandic Value Added Tax (VAT) on digital services has become a focal point for both local and international businesses operating in the digital realm within Iceland.

The taxation landscape around the world is progressively evolving to accommodate the rapid expansion of the digital economy. In Iceland, this has led to certain specific VAT obligations for digital service providers.

While these new tax obligations are designed to level the playing field between traditional and digital businesses, they do present a complex array of challenges for those affected by them.

In the following discourse, we will explore the critical aspects of these VAT obligations, the implications for businesses, and potential solutions to navigate this intricate landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • Icelandic VAT applies to a wide range of digital services, and businesses must be aware of the specific regulations and compliance guidelines.
  • The VAT registration threshold for digital services in Iceland is ISK 2 million per annum.
  • VAT-compliant invoicing and record keeping are essential for businesses operating in the digital services sector.
  • The reverse charge mechanism is applicable for B2B transactions with Icelandic residents, and businesses should understand the procedures and requirements for its implementation.


In an overview of the Iceland on digital services, it is crucial to understand the key aspects of the tax regulations and compliance guidelines.

These encompass the range of digital services subject to VAT, the registration process, VAT compliance, and B2B transactions.

Additionally, businesses may leverage solutions such as Avalara’s VAT compliance solutions to ensure they adhere to Icelandic VAT legislation.

Key Aspects Overview

Navigating the landscape of Icelandic VAT obligations for digital services requires a thorough understanding of several key aspects.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the Icelandic VAT registration threshold for digital services is ISK 2 million per annum. This means that if your annual digital service sales to Icelandic customers exceed this threshold, you will be required to register for VAT in Iceland.

Secondly, VAT is applicable on a wide range of digital services. This includes services such as software downloads, online subscriptions, streaming services, e-books, and online gaming, among others. It’s crucial to identify whether your specific digital service falls within the scope of taxable services in Iceland.

Compliance with Icelandic VAT obligations for digital services also involves VAT-compliant invoicing and record keeping. It is essential to ensure that your invoices meet the specific requirements set by the Icelandic tax authorities. Additionally, maintaining accurate records of your transactions and VAT calculations is crucial for auditing purposes.

Lastly, when it comes to B2B transactions with Icelandic residents, a reverse charge mechanism applies. This means that the responsibility for reporting and paying VAT shifts from the supplier to the customer. It’s important to understand the specific procedures and requirements for implementing the reverse charge mechanism in your B2B transactions with Icelandic customers.

VAT Compliance Guidelines

Adhering to Icelandic VAT compliance guidelines is of utmost importance, particularly in relation to digital services. These guidelines encompass obligations such as issuing VAT-compliant invoices, submitting accurate quarterly returns, and maintaining comprehensive VAT records for a minimum of five years. Understanding your VAT compliance needs is the first step to help with your Icelandic VAT registration, especially for digital services.

Registration in IcelandISK 2 million
VAT-compliant InvoicesYes
Quarterly ReturnsYes
VAT Records Retention5 Years
Understanding VAT LegislationEssential

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Iceland Charge Vat?

Yes, Iceland does charge Value Added Tax (VAT). This extends to digital services, such as streaming, downloads, and hosting services. The VAT registration threshold is ISK 2 million per annum for providers of such services.

Is There a Reverse Charge for VAT in Iceland?

Yes, a reverse charge mechanism for VAT exists in Iceland. This applies to B2B transactions where the Icelandic resident business customer, instead of the provider, is responsible for accounting for the VAT.

What Is the Service Tax in Iceland?

The service tax in Iceland is typically a Value Added Tax (VAT), with standard rate at 24%. However, reduced rates of 11% and 0% apply to certain services. Compliance involves VAT registration, invoicing, and quarterly returns.

What Is the VAT Rate in Iceland 2023?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the VAT rate in Iceland for 2023. It’s advisable to regularly check updates from Iceland’s Directorate of Internal Revenue or consult a tax professional for accurate information.


In conclusion, the Icelandic VAT on digital services is an intricate system with which businesses must comply. This includes adhering to registration thresholds, issuing compliant invoices, maintaining records, and understanding the reverse charge mechanism.

Solutions like Avalara can assist in navigating these complexities, ensuring businesses operate seamlessly and in line with legislation within the Icelandic digital sphere.

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