German VAT Recovery

In navigating the complexities of German tax law, one area that demands special attention is the process of German VAT recovery.

As the nation operates under the EU 8 Directive VAT system, businesses, both within and outside the European Union, are required to abide by specific guidelines, deadlines, and necessary documentation. The labyrinth of VAT legislation, combined with the inherent differences for EU and non-EU businesses, can be challenging.

However, the potential financial benefits of effective VAT recovery make it an essential area to explore. Proficiency in this process can provide substantial fiscal advantages, and as such, warrants further investigation.

Key Takeaways

  • German VAT can be reclaimed by EU companies through the EU 8 Directive VAT system.
  • The reclaim process for German VAT was simplified in 2010.
  • Non-EU companies use the 13 VAT Directive for VAT recovery in Germany.
  • Proper documentation and compliance with VAT regulations are essential for successful recovery.


In the context of German VAT recovery, it is crucial to understand the essentials, laying the foundation for successful VAT reclamation.

Both EU and non-EU companies have distinct processes and requirements for reclaiming VAT in Germany.

In the following sections, we will analyze the complexities of these processes, offering strategic advice to facilitate effective VAT recovery.

German VAT Recovery Essentials

Understanding the essentials of German recovery is integral for both EU and non-EU companies seeking to reclaim VAT incurred as a resident German company.

  • Appropriate VAT refund mechanisms are divergent for EU and Non-EU Member States.
  • VAT recovery is reliant on conformity with VAT compliance regulations.
  • VAT refund encompasses input VAT on purchases of goods.
  • Recovery applications must be substantiated with original invoices and approved by tax authorities.

VAT Recovery Advice

Navigating the intricacies of the German VAT recovery process may seem daunting, but with appropriate advice and guidance, both EU and non-EU companies can effectively reclaim their VAT while ensuring compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Central Tax Offices handle VAT refunds, and those established in another EU Member State can utilize the 34 Directive for recovery.

Optimal VAT recovery advice simplifies this process, aiding companies in securing their German VAT refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much VAT Do You Get Back in Germany?

The amount of VAT refund in Germany depends on the specific transactions. However, VAT recovery is subject to strict regulations and the minimum refund amounts are EUR 1000 for a quarterly or EUR 500 annually.

How Do I Recover My VAT Tax?

To recover VAT tax, businesses must submit a claim to their national tax authority, providing documentation such as original invoices. Deadlines and procedures vary by region, therefore adherence to specific national regulations is essential.

Can You Recover Foreign Vat?

Yes, foreign VAT can be recovered. The process varies between countries and is based on reciprocity agreements. Submission deadlines and documentation requirements apply. EU businesses typically use the EU 8th Directive VAT system for reclaims.

What Is VAT Recovery?

VAT recovery refers to the procedure by which businesses can reclaim value added tax (VAT) paid on goods and services used for business purposes. It includes both domestic and international transactions, with specific regulations varying by country.


In conclusion, German VAT recovery necessitates thorough understanding of the EU 8 Directive VAT system, submission deadlines, and required documentation. Adherence to these regulations, recognizing the differences between EU and non-EU companies, and the types of VAT reclaimable are key.

Utilizing professional services, such as Avalara, and staying updated with German VAT news can facilitate accurate compliance. Ultimately, diligent conformance to these guidelines can ensure successful VAT recovery in Germany.

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