French VAT Rates and VAT Compliance

The intricacies of French Value Added Tax (VAT) rates and compliance present a complex landscape that requires careful navigation. As a country within the European Union, France adheres to the EU’s VAT regulations, yet sets its own standard rate above the minimum 15%.

With rates ranging from zero to 20% based on the nature of goods and services, understanding and correctly applying these rates is a crucial factor for businesses operating within France. Moreover, strict adherence to the French VAT Act’s invoicing requirements is mandatory upon registration, placing an onus on businesses to stay up-to-date with the regulations.

For businesses based outside the EU, the appointment of a fiscal representative is required, presenting a further layer of complexity. Yet, as we venture further into this labyrinth of tax law, it is clear that solutions exist to help organizations successfully manage their VAT obligations in France.

Key Takeaways

  • France follows EU rules on VAT compliance and sets its own standard VAT rate, which is currently 20% for standard goods and services.
  • Businesses registered for French VAT must adhere to local rules, including proper invoicing with required details outlined in the French VAT Act.
  • The tax point (time of supply) rules determine when VAT is due in France, with different rules for imports, goods, and services.
  • Non-EU businesses selling in France need to appoint a fiscal representative to ensure accurate VAT submissions and compliance with French VAT requirements.


Understanding the Value Added Tax (VAT) system in France is crucial for businesses operating within its jurisdiction.

This overview will focus on the specific VAT rates in France, which range from a standard rate to reduced rates based on the nature of goods and services.

We will also shed light on the mechanisms of VAT compliance, including the requirements for invoicing, record-keeping, and the appointment of a fiscal representative among other key aspects.

French VAT Rates Overview

In light of the various rates, the French Value Added Tax (VAT) system, governed by EU rules, applies a standard rate of 20% to most goods and services. It also employs reduced rates of 10%, 5.5%, and 2.1% to specific categories. Additionally, certain intra-community and international transport services are subject to a zero rate.

  • Standard VAT rate: 20%
  • Applies to most goods and services
  • Reduced VAT rates: 10%, 5.5%, 2.1%
  • Specific categories
  • Zero rate
  • Intra-community and international transport services

Understanding VAT Compliance

While the French VAT rates are diverse and tailored to various categories of goods and services, the crux of successful business operations lies in effectively navigating the VAT compliance requirements as stipulated by French legislation.

Understanding VAT compliance in the context of French Tax Code, including the ‘Taxe sur la valeur ajoutée’ (Value Added Tax), is essential. It involves not only comprehending the 42 VAT rules but also the importance of a fiscal representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the VAT Regulations in France?

VAT regulations in France are governed by EU rules with VAT rates set locally, ranging from 2.1% to 20%. Compliance includes proper invoicing, adherence to time of supply rules, and record keeping for ten years.

What Is the French VAT Rate?

The standard Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in France is 20%. Reduced rates include 10%, 5.5%, and 2.1%. Different rates apply for certain categories such as foodstuff, medical equipment, and hotel accommodation.

What Is the French VAT Scheme?

The French VAT scheme is a taxation system that applies to goods and services transactions. It includes standard and reduced rates, compliance rules, and specific tax point rules for various transactions and services.

What Is the Threshold for VAT in France?

In France, the threshold for VAT registration is €85,800 for goods and €34,400 for services. If these thresholds are exceeded in a calendar year, businesses are required to register for VAT.


In conclusion, compliance with French VAT regulations is an integral component of conducting business in France.

Understanding these rules, which range from the varying VAT rates to the detailed invoicing requirements, is crucial for both EU and non-EU entities operating in the country.

Engaging services tailored to assist with French VAT compliance can provide valuable guidance, facilitating an efficient and accurate navigation of this complex tax landscape.

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