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Belgium Consignment Call-Off Stock VAT

In the realm of international business transactions, VAT compliance in Belgium is a subject that warrants considerable attention. Specifically, in terms of consignment and call-off stock, understanding the distinctions between these two becomes crucial given Belgium’s unique rules and regulations. The VAT implications of consignment stock generally require the seller’s VAT registration in Belgium, whereas call-off stock offers certain conditions where foreign consignors can avoid such registration. This intricate interplay of regulations poses challenges and opportunities for businesses, sparking intrigue as we delve deeper into the nuances of Belgium’s VAT system.

Key Takeaways

  • There are two possibilities for VAT registration when holding stock in the EU: call-off stock and consignment stock.
  • Call-off stock allows foreign consignors to avoid VAT registration in Belgium by supplying goods to the final customer’s warehouse.
  • Consignment stock requires the seller to VAT register in Belgium and complete filings for intra-community arrival and sale to Belgian customers.
  • Non-EU businesses selling in Belgium need a fiscal representative to ensure accurate VAT submissions and handle VAT compliance.


In our exploration of Belgium VAT, we now turn our attention to an overview of the key considerations and compliance suggestions.

The intricacies of VAT registration and stock simplification in Belgium, coupled with the unique elements of call-off and consignment stock, necessitate a clear and comprehensive approach.

We will elaborate on these points, providing a detailed understanding of VAT obligations and the necessary steps to ensure adherence to Belgian VAT regulations.

Key VAT Considerations

Understanding key VAT considerations in Belgium is paramount, especially given the complexities associated with consignment and call-off stock processes, VAT registration requirements, and conditions for foreign suppliers.

  1. The Belgian VAT system requires a VAT number for all transactions, including those involving consignment stock and call-off stock.
  2. Import VAT exemption can be applied under certain conditions, easing the burden on suppliers.
  3. The implementation of EU VAT rules, including Directive 2006/112/EC Article 36, adds another layer of complexity to the VAT process.

VAT Compliance Suggestions

Given the complexity of the Belgian VAT system, especially in relation to consignment and call-off stock processes, it is crucial for businesses to adhere to several guidelines to ensure effective VAT compliance.

Compliance SuggestionDescription
VAT RegistrationNecessary for taxable persons dealing with stock and consignment in EU Member States.
Understanding when VAT is chargedVital in navigating VAT in Belgium.
Regular MonitoringContinually ensuring your business is registered for VAT is essential.

Understanding these suggestions offers a foundation in comprehending European VAT procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There VAT on Consignment Stock?

Yes, VAT generally applies to consignment stock. However, it depends on various factors such as the location of the stock, the buyer’s VAT status, and specific national VAT rules. Detailed analysis is required for accurate determination.

What Is a Call-Off Stock VAT Directive?

The Call-Off Stock VAT Directive refers to a European law that permits suppliers to avoid VAT registration in the destination country by storing goods near customers for future use, under specific conditions.

What Is Exempt From VAT in Belgium?

In Belgium, VAT exemptions apply to exports to non-EU countries, selected financial and insurance services, healthcare services by medical professionals, education services, and certain postal services and cultural events.

Is the VAT Rate 12% in Belgium?

No, the standard VAT rate in Belgium is not 12%. The prevalent VAT rate is 21%. However, Belgium does apply a reduced VAT rate of 12% for certain specified goods and services, based on their nature and usage.


In conclusion, comprehending the complexities of VAT in Belgium, particularly in relation to consignment and call-off stock, is vital for businesses operating in the region.

By understanding these intricacies, such as the need for VAT registration for consignment stock and the opportunity for foreign consignors to avoid such registration with call-off stock, companies can effectively navigate this complex landscape.

This understanding can ultimately lead to optimized VAT compliance and reduced administrative burdens for businesses in Belgium.

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