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Belgian Intrastat

As we navigate the complex landscape of international trade within the European Union, the importance of mastering the Belgian Intrastat system becomes increasingly clear.

Intrastat, a system designed to collect statistics on the goods traded between EU member states, is crucial for VAT-registered businesses engaging in intra-community trade.

The thresholds, submission frequency, and guidelines for filing Intrastat Supplementary Declarations (SDs) are all essential to understanding this system.

As penalties may be imposed for late filings, it is in the best interest of companies, be they based in Belgium or elsewhere within the EU, to familiarize themselves with this process.

For businesses outside the EU, appointing a fiscal representative in Belgium is necessary for accurate VAT submissions, which raises further points of discussion.

To better comprehend the intricacies of the Belgian Intrastat system, we must first examine its key components and their implications for businesses operating within the EU.

Key Takeaways

  • Intrastat declarations are required for Belgian VAT registered companies.
  • Intrastat filings include dispatches and arrivals of goods within the EU.
  • Current thresholds for Belgian Supplementary Declarations (SDs) are €1,500,000 for arrivals and €1,000,000 for dispatches per annum.
  • Intrastat filings should be made monthly and the preferred method of filing is electronic.


The Intrastat system necessitates detailed declaration from Belgian VAT registered companies, outlining their intra-community trade. These declarations should encompass both dispatches and arrivals of goods within the EU, and are subject to specific filing guidelines.

This overview will focus on key details required in Intrastat declarations and the essential guidelines for filing these statements.

Key Intrastat Declarations Details

Intrastat declarations, a critical component for Belgian VAT registered companies, are mandated to include specific details such as intra-community trade, dispatches, and arrivals of goods within the EU. These details include:

  • Transaction codes
  • Commodity codes
  • Intrastat thresholds
  • Monthly filing dates
  • The nature of the transaction

Understanding these key elements of Intrastat returns can ensure compliance and accurate reporting for each VAT return to and from every EU country.

Essential Intrastat Filing Guidelines

Navigating the complexities of Intrastat filing requires an understanding of the mandatory declarations, classifications, and timelines set forth by the Belgian authorities for VAT registered companies. Relevant details, such as transaction value, region of destination, and Belgian VAT, must be included.

Regardless of the 31-day monthly cycle, nil Intrastat declarations must also be filed in absence of goods sent. Compliance is critical in following additional Intrastat regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Intrastat Eu?

Intrastat is a system that collects data and provides statistics on goods traded between European Union (EU) member states. It’s mandatory for VAT-registered businesses to report these intra-EU trades through monthly Intrastat declarations.

What Is EU Intrastat Code?

The EU Intrastat code is a system used to identify goods traded between EU member states. Each product is assigned a unique code, facilitating statistical reporting, trade pattern analysis, and compliance with EU trade reporting requirements.

What Is the Country of Origin for Intrastat?

The country of origin for Intrastat refers to the EU member state where goods are dispatched from or arrive in. It is crucial for VAT-registered businesses to accurately record this in their Intrastat declarations.

What Is the Threshold Intrastat in Italy?

The Intrastat threshold in Italy varies depending on the transaction type. For dispatches, the threshold is €50,000, and for arrivals, it’s €200,000. Exceeding these values necessitates detailed Intrastat declarations to the Italian authorities.


In conclusion, understanding Belgian Intrastat declarations is crucial for VAT-registered businesses in the EU. It is mandatory to record intra-community trade dispatches and arrivals, excluding imports and exports.

Businesses must adhere to the thresholds set for Intrastat Supplementary Declarations and ensure timely electronic submissions to avoid penalties.

For non-EU businesses, a fiscal representative in Belgium is necessary. Services like Avalara offer comprehensive solutions for VAT compliance, registration, and returns, facilitating smooth trade operations within the Belgian framework.

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